Play This Jewish Adventure Game

I really love adventure games. I do not mourn the death of LucasArts as often as I should. Somehow, I totally missed the existence of “The Shivah,” an adventure game where the user plays the part of Rabbi Russell Stone as he struggles with his faith and with the possible murder of one of his congregants.

It’s available in the Apple App Store and those places so go buy it and stuff!


Hey, remember when the Rabbinical Council of California was going to certify lube as kosher? Just kidding!

In a statement on their homepage (screenshot below), the RCC has announced that since “the intended uses of these items as now revealed, was misunderstood,” they will not be certifying Wet lube after all!

lube ain't kosher

RCC’s very slippery lube statement

Um, did they not know lube was for sex?