Episode 46

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Episode 46: In The Desert – Chapters 33-38

In which there is a revolution

What is the secret origin of podcast host David Tuchman? How did he come to create OMGWTFBIBLE, his own personal translation of the Hebrew Bible?

Find out (maybe) as David has his father, Louis, on the podcast to read Korach, David’s bar mitzvah portion! It’s gonna get (a little) emotional!

Parsha: Korach/Korach

Guest: Louis Tuchman

Episode 46
– Numbers 16:1-17:5
34 – Numbers 17:6-17:15
35 – Numbers 17:16-17:28
36 – Numbers 18:1-18:7
37 – Numbers 18:8-18:24
38 – Numbers 18:25-18:32

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