Episode 10

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Episode 10: In the Beginning – Chapters 13-17

In which Avraham has some more kids nobody cares about, a stew gets going, and a plotline is recycled for the third time

It’s a serious bummer Yitzchak doesn’t get more screen time in this thing, isn’t it? He barely has any agency whatsoever. He’s been offered as a sacrifice to God and married off to a woman he barely met. And now his plot is all but done! We’ve already moved on to Yaakov’s weird rivalry with his brother. He’s only the protagonist once and it happens in this episode. It’s too bad the same plotline has been used twice before.

This is the second show at Double Wide and the audio is much better than Episode 9’s. This is also the last show at Double Wide because the scheduling just didn’t work anymore. Where will OMGWTFBIBLE go next?

Venue: Double Wide Bar and Southern Kitchen

Date: July 29, 2013

Guest: Ariel Abrahams

13 – Genesis 25:1 – 25:11
– Genesis 25:12 – 25:18
– Genesis 25:19 – 25:34
16 – Genesis 26:1 – 26:16
17 – Genesis 26:17 – 26:33

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