Episode 33

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Episode 33: Names – Chapters 107-115

In which there is some lovely decorating

In this supercharged finale to Exodus, Wendy Chin joins David Tuchman as they read the incredible and spine-tingling account of the time God counted all the Jews and made some regrettable–ah, who am I kidding? The plot sucks. But at least the jokes are good.

Parsha: Pekudai/Accountng

Venue: Beauty Bar

Date: June 29, 2015

Guest: Wendy Chin

Part One
 Exodus 38:21-38:31
108 – Exodus 39:1-39:21
109 – Exodus 39:22-39:26
110 – Exodus 39:27-39:29
111 – Exodus 39:30-39:31
112 – Exodus 39:32-39:43
Part Two
113 – Exodus 40:1-40:15
114 – Exodus 40:16-40:33
115 – Exodus 40;34-40:38

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