Doesn’t it just plain suck that the Old Testament isn’t cool anymore? The book’s got everything: genocide, incest, and even talking donkeys! That’s why David Tuchman has taken it upon himself to rehabilitate the text as OMGWTFBIBLE.

So what the hell is this thing?

OMGWTFBIBLE is a brand-new English translation of the Hebrew bible (that’s the Old Testament for all you Jesus lovers out there) from the story of creation all the way to whatever happens in Divrei HaYamim. A monthly podcast, OMGWTFBIBLE reframes everyone’s favorite holy book as the world’s oldest comedy serial, recorded live somewhere in New York City once a month whenever we can get space. Episodes are released online a week later.

To listen to the show, visit the iTunes store, check out our episode archive, or subscribe to the RSS feed.

Can I attend a recording?

Of course! We’ve had the pleasure of being hosted by such prestigious organizations as The Parkside Lounge, Magnet Theater, and the Stanton Street Shul. These days, we record live shows the fourth Monday of each month at Beauty Bar in New York City at 231 E. 14th Street.

To make sure you never miss a live show, just follow OMGWTFBIBLE on twitter, like us on facebook, or join our mailing list.

I love OMGWTFBIBLE and want to host it at my school/theater/place of worship!

First of all, that’s not a question. But thank you! I appreciate your enthusiasm!

Second of all, I’d love to bring OMGWTFBIBLE to wherever you are, especially if you’re in or near New York. Send me a line at omgwtfbible@gmail.com and we can chat about making this happen.

Do you do this on your own?

Absolutely not. I am very lucky to have John Passaro helping me make the show sound nice and the talented Wendy Chin designing my marketing materials.

Anything else?

No, I think that’s it. If you have a question, comment, or just want to chat, you can e-mail omgwtfbible@gmail.com.

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