Episode 16

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Episode 16: In the Beginning – Chapters 29-34

In which an entire town is massacred and there are a WHOLE bunch of names

Sex and violence, oh my! Also, genealogy!

Venue: Magnet Theater

Date: December 30, 2013

Guest: Lux Alptraum

29 – Genesis 34:1-34:31
30 – Genesis 35:1-35:8
31 – Genesis 35:9-35:15
32 – Genesis 35:16-35:22
33 – Genesis 35:23-35:29
34 – Genesis 36:1-36:19

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Bonus Episode!

On this bonus episode, David is joined by the Keith Thomas, Dave Davis, and Malky Goldman, the writer/director and two stars of the new Jewish horror movie, “The Vigil.” They talk about Judaism and film-making before reading some pretty goofy passages about demons in the Talmud.

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