Hey, remember when the Rabbinical Council of California was going to certify lube as kosher? Just kidding!

In a statement on their homepage (screenshot below), the RCC has announced that since “the intended uses of these items as now revealed, was misunderstood,” they will not be certifying Wet lube after all!

lube ain't kosher

RCC’s very slippery lube statement

Um, did they not know lube was for sex?

Important Sexy Kosher News

Anal lube

Wet’s very cleverly-named anal lube

Good news, everyone! After a 2-year process, the Rabbinical Council of California has given kosher certification to a whole slew of personal lubricants from a company called Wet. Because up to this point, observant Jews have been relying on regular old naturally-occuring sex juices and saliva?

Coming on the heels of the recent rabbinical OK of medicinal marijuana, I predict a renaissance in never-ending Orthodox Jewish stoned sex. And just in time for Tu B’av!

Very Pretty Misogyny

Don't Talk to Women

Don’t Talk to Women

Jacqueline Nicholls’ beautiful paper-cut doilies, called The Ladies Guild Collection, take some of the more obviously misogynist passages of Jewish literature (like the one above) and turn them into works of art. The level of detail in the borders of these pieces is incredible. The entire collection is certainly worth exploring.

Oh, and she’s drawing the entire Talmud one page at a time. Seriously, Jacquline Nicholls is a cool lady. Read her interview on Jewcy.