Episode 29

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Episode 29: Names – Chapters 68-75

In which God describes how to make a Godhouse

This is this not the greatest Torah portion in the world. This is just a tribute. And in fact, it’s kind of a crappy Torah portion. It is mostly a description of building instructions. Thank Yehovah we’ve got David Tuchman and an honest-to-God Bible professor making jokes along the way!

Parsha: Terumah/Tribute

Venue: Beauty Bar

Date: February 25, 2015

Guest: Mark Leuchter

Part One
 Exodus 25:1-25:9
69 – Exodus 25:10-25:22
70 – Exodus 25:23-25:30
71 – Exodus 25:31-25:40
Part Two
72 – Exodus 26:1-26:30
73 – Exodus 26:31-26:37
74 – Exodus 27:1-27:8
75 – Exodus 27:9-27:19

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