Episode 41!

It’s here! At long last, it’s here! The final episode of Book 3 of David Tuchman’s brand-new translation of the Hebrew Bible as a comedy. LEVITICUS IS DONE, MAN! The guest this time around is BJ Kramer, a very cool guy who turns God’s never-ending admonition of the Hebrews and surprisingly detailed rules about slaves into very compelling audio. Listen now!

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I Can Now Share This Noah Trailer

A few weeks ago, you might recall seeing a post go up on my blog about Darren Aronofsky’s new Noah movie and quickly disappearing. That is because I got a cease and desist about the pirated trailer from the movie studio and didn’t feel like making a fuss. Which is crazy because I’m pretty sure the Bible is public domain.

Whatever. An official trailer has finally been released, and here it is!

Obviously, I will see this. Obviously. The only burning question I have: will Aronofsky go into Noah’s drunken stupor and possible rape at the hands of his son I talked about in episode 4? I hope so!