Episode 25

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Episode 25: Names – Chapters 24-31

In which God destroys almost all of what’s left of Egypt

Come one, come all, and listen to “Come,” the third portion of Exodus. This time around in the Bible, there are just a few more plagues and God gives the people some pretty crazy rules. That rule thing is starting to become a habit with him…

Parsha: Bo/Come

Venue: Beauty Bar

Date: October 27, 2014

Guest: Rishe Groner

Part One
 Exodus 10:1-10:20
Part Two
25 – Exodus 10:21-10:29
26 – Exodus 11:1-11:10
27 – Exodus 12:1-12:28
Part Three
28 – Exodus 12:29-12:39
29 – Exodus 12:40-12:42
Part Four
30 – Exodus 12:43-12:51
31 – Exodus 13:1-13:16

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