Episode 42

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Episode 42: In The Desert – Chapters 1-8

In which there’s a lot of counting

And we’re back! Season 4 of David Tuchman’s brand-new translation of the Hebrew Bible as a comedy is here and IT IS A DOOZY!

Guest Sandy Fox reads about: Desert jobs! Who gets to carry which flag! How many people there are!

Parsha: Bamidbar/In the Desert

Venue: David’s Old Apartmen

Guest: Sandy Fox

Episode 42
– Numbers 1:1-1:19
– Numbers 1:20-1:54
– Numbers 2:1-2:34
– Numbers 3:1-3:4
– Numbers 3:5-3:39
– Numbers 3:40-3:51
– Numbers 4:1-4:16
– Numbers 4:17-4:19

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