– The Jewish Channel’s Jewish News Week in Review – December 21, 2012


“On the third Monday of every month, at New York City’s Parkside Lounge, the comedian and writer David Tuchman hosts what could be described as a rather, well, unorthodox, reading of the weekly Torah portion. Going chapter-by-chapter through the Hebrew Bible, his monthly show OMGWTFBIBLE analyzes, questions, and dissects the text with a healthy dose of humor, irony, and 21st-century wit.”

– Jewniverse – February 1, 2013


“Each month on this monthly podcast, a guest reads a chapter of the Bible while New York comedian David Tuchman — a former Yeshiva boy turned agnostic — swears, jibes, and elucidates. His line by line explication drops quirky facts and sarcastic commentary. The result is often offensive, consistently hilarious, and surprisingly enlightening.”

– New Voices Magazine – April 2, 2013


“…as good a refutation as any to the recent Pew study findings of younger Jews losing interest in organized Judaism.”

Tablet Magazine – October 14, 2013

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