Episode 30

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Episode 30: Names – Chapters 76-82

In which God turns fashion designer and also gives blood instructions

Sometimes, the Bible goes on and on about clothing for pages. And sometimes, it describes the brutal evisceration of animals. And in the episode, it does both! Join Catie Lazarus and David Tuchman as they are GROSSED OUT.

Parsha: Tetzaveh/Command

Venue: Beauty Bar

Date: March 23, 2015

Guest: Catie Lazarus

Part One
 Exodus 27:20-72:21
77 – Exodus 28:1-28:5
78 – Exodus 28:6-28:30
79 – Exodus 28:31-28:43
Part Two
80 – Exodus 29:1-29:37
81 – Exodus 29:38-29:46
82 – Exodus 30:1-30:10

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