Book Two: Names

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Book Two: Names

In which even more things happen

You may very well know it as “Exodus,” but it’ll always be “Names” to me. This is the second book of the Hebrew Bible.

How to listen

The big ol’ playlist below contains all 10+ hours of Exodus, so jump on board that train if you’ve got the time. Alternatively, if you have a normal life, you can listen episode by episode by using the little numbers above and below (or with your podcast app).

If you’re in a serious rush, check out the Just the Bible Bits episodes for Exodus. Each episode of Just the Bible Bits compiles a whole slew of podcast episodes, stripping out all the interview stuff so you can listen to just the Bible reading. Click the links directly below this paragraph to download.

Just the Bible Bits 2: Part 1 – Features chapters 1-31 of Book Two: Names. [Exodus 1:1 – 13:16]

Just the Bible Bits 2: Part 2 – Features chapters 32-75 of Book Two: Names. [Exodus 13:17 – 27:19]

Just the Bible Bits 3: Part 3 – Features chapters 76-115 of Book Two: Names. [Exodus 27:20 – 40:38]

23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33
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