Skeptic’s Annotated OMGWTFBIBLE

episode_14Surprise early episode!

Usually, I wait until late in the month to do the show, but I have a very exciting guest that I couldn’t pass up. In less than 2 weeks, Steve Wells, creator of the incredible Skeptic’s Annotated Bible, will be joining me at the Magnet Theater to read my Bible with me. And I couldn’t be more excited. There’ll be a Q & A after the show (that won’t be recorded) so don’t miss this event!

This month, we’ll start with chapter 25 and we will keep reading until we stop.

OMGWTFBIBLE Live with Steve Wells 
Magnet Theater
254 W. 29 Street
October 21, 8:30 PM sharp!

Reserve tickets here

Episode 13 Live!

OMGWTFBIBLE LogoOMGWTFBIBLE is live this Monday!

This month, guest Adam Bozarth will start with chapter 23 and we will keep reading until we stop.

OMGWTFBIBLE Episode 13 Live
Magnet Theater
254 W. 29 Street
October 21, 7PM sharp!

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I’m honored to have been featured in Tablet Magazine‘s The Scroll blog today! Check it out:

Sure, it’s a comic (and profanity-laced) take on Judaism’s holiest book, and might understandably rub some people the wrong way. But it’s an earnest effort—at the very least for how much time it’s taken Tuchman (he’s rounding out year one and he’s still in Genesis) and how much thought goes into the whole enterprise. No one translates the entire Bible just to make fun of it.

I am seriously blushing. Especially at this: “A large crowd gathered at the East Village bar for the reading, as good a refutation as any to the recent Pew study findings of younger Jews losing interest in organized Judaism.” Oh my! Thank you, Tablet!

Also, if you’re reading this because you just read the article on Tablet, welcome! Might I suggest you catch up on old episodes here? And if you like what you see, consider joining the audience for episode 13 (details below)!

Episode 13 Live

October 21, 7PM, $5

Magnet Theater

254 W. 29 Street

Tickets | RSVP

Episode 12 Live!

OMGWTFBIBLE LogoHoly crap! Can you believe it’s been a year? OMGWTFBIBLE is about to have its 12th episode! Absolute madness!

This month, guest Elissa Goldstein will begin with chapter 20 and we will keep reading until we stop. And there’ll be a recap! Or you can catch up here.

OMGWTFBIBLE Episode 12 Live
25 Avenue A
October 1, 8PM
FREE! 21+!

OMGWTFBIBLE at the Magnet

Episode 11Episode 10 is in the can! Last night was a hell of a lot of fun. As always, the folks behind the scenes at the Double Wide were nice as can be, incredibly helpful, and just generally great to work with. John and I are working diligently to clean it up and get it ready for your downloading and listening pleasure by August 5.

Last night, though, I shared some very exciting news with the audience. In August, OMGWTFBIBLE will have the honor of being part of the Test Drive series at the Magnet Theater–one of the top improv comedy theaters in New York. The Magnet uses Test Drive to find shows to add to their regular schedule. So if the next episode goes well, OMGWTFBIBLE could find a new home at the Magnet Theater. This would mean a wider audience, a space designed specifically for comedy, and, more importantly, a better show. If OMGWTFBIBLE becomes a Magnet show, I’ll be working with the artistic director there to give you a show that’s even funnier, tighter, and more insightful than it already is. Continue reading

Episode 10 Live!

Episode 10 FlyerYes, Episode 10 IS happening this month! It won’t be posted online until August (there will be two podcast episodes in August!) but Episode 10 will be record live on Monday! And I can’t wait! I have something very special planned for before the show and a super-exciting announcement about the future of OMGWTFBIBLE that I can’t wait to share with you all.

This month, guest Ariel Abrahams will start at chapter 13 and we will keep reading until we stop. A lot has happened in the first 12 chapters so I’ll recap a bit before we begin reading. Or you can catch up here.

OMGWTFBIBLE Episode 10 Live
Double Wide Bar and Southern Kitchen
505 E. 12th Street
July 29, 7 PM
FREE! 21+!

No Show Tonight!



It’s the third Monday of the month and usually that means a live episode of OMGWTFBIBLE somewhere in New York. Not tonight!

I know mine is a pretty irreverent take on all this stuff, but tonight is Tisha B’av, the worst day of the year for Jews. Even though I’m not the biggest believer, I’m still a Jew, and I feel like doing a show tonight might not be the best idea. And I don’t want to stop my more devout listeners from seeing the next episode!

That’s why Episode 10 of OMGWTFBIBLE will be on July 29—the magical 5th Monday of the month. Don’t miss it!

And, if you’re commemorating the day, what better way to make your fast go faster than by listening to everything in the episode archive?

See Episode 10 Live!

OMGWTFBIBLE LogoEpisode 10 Live!

OMGWTFBIBLE’s second show at Double Wide!

I’m happy to announce that Episode 10 will be happening on July 29 (a little late this month due to the fast day and all) at Double Wide!

This month, I’ll be joined by Ariel Abrahams, a brilliant artist, who’s been exploring alternative approaches to Judaism on his own.

We’ll start with Chapter 13, and I guarantee you one thing: THERE WILL BE STEW.

Details and links below:


Double Wide Bar

505 E. 12th Street

7:00 PM

Event page here

See Episode 9 Live!


Episode 9 Live!

New venue! New time! New David!

Episode 9 is almost here and it’s happening on my birthday! Come be a part of OMGWTFBIBLE’s live audience as we record our next episode!

Episode 9

Double Wide Bar

505 E. 12th Street

6:30 PM


And afterward, help me celebrate my 28th birthday! RSVP here!