Season 5 continues to happen!

David is rejoined by Steve DeSiena to talk about monotheism, the ten “things,” and the importance of bringing back live comedy.

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OMGWTFBIBLE at the Magnet

Episode 11Episode 10 is in the can! Last night was a hell of a lot of fun. As always, the folks behind the scenes at the Double Wide were nice as can be, incredibly helpful, and just generally great to work with. John and I are working diligently to clean it up and get it ready for your downloading and listening pleasure by August 5.

Last night, though, I shared some very exciting news with the audience. In August, OMGWTFBIBLE will have the honor of being part of the Test Drive series at the Magnet Theater–one of the top improv comedy theaters in New York. The Magnet uses Test Drive to find shows to add to their regular schedule. So if the next episode goes well, OMGWTFBIBLE could find a new home at the Magnet Theater. This would mean a wider audience, a space designed specifically for comedy, and, more importantly, a better show. If OMGWTFBIBLE becomes a Magnet show, I’ll be working with the artistic director there to give you a show that’s even funnier, tighter, and more insightful than it already is. Continue reading

See Episode 7 Live!

Ok, first thing’s first: if you’re still scratching your head over yesterday’s announcement, just take a look at the date.

Second: the facebook event for Episode 7 is now up! Our special guest this month is Lonnie Mann, an old high school mate of mine (and cartoonist) who will be joining me as we gleefully describe the destruction of Sodom and Gomora and discuss the modern implications of this chapter’s wacky sexual politics. Make your reservations now!