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I was the Guest Jew on this week’s episode of Unorthodox and it was superfun! You can hear the episode here:

Also, if you just listened to Unorthodox and came here, check out the Episodes page to listen! You might want to check out Episode 31, which I mentioned on the show, or Episode 37, which features Mark Oppenheimer.

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No Wives, Only Slaves: Crosspost With SAB

This is a guest post I wrote for Skeptic’s Annotated Bible. Read the full post here.

OMGWTFBIBLE is a new translation of the entire Hebrew Bible as a comedy. But that doesn’t mean I don’t take my translation very seriously. Beyond all the jokes, in retranslating Genesis, I’ve discovered two trends that reveal the approach to women and property taken in the culture surrounding the text that are not apparent in existing translations.

One of the earliest decisions I made when writing the OMGWTFBIBLE was to maintain an almost megalomaniacal consistency. If a word was translated a particular way, I stuck with that translating, regardless of context or traditional approaches. This led to some striking discoveries in Genesis, particularly regarding the words usually translated as “wife” and “servant.” I discovered that, depending on how the book is translated, nobody gets married in Genesis. And everyone owns slaves. And it’s not a coincidence those two words are so controversial.

Read the rest here.

OMGWTFBIBLE is Getting Jewcy

jewcy_heart_omg_RGB I’m very excited to announce that is now the Internet co-host of OMGWTFBIBLE. Starting with episode 19, recorded last night, new episodes will be available exclusively on Jewcy for a full day before they get released elsewhere. So if you want to get your OMGWTFBIBLE fix before anyone else does, point your browser to in the week after each episode is recorded (Did I just say “point your browser?” What am I, somebody’s grandma?). Episode 18 with Ari Mandel is already up. Really, though, I’m just honored to be part of the blog network behind Jewcy, Tablet, and the Vox Tablet podcast.

As we geared up for this partnership, I sat down with episode 12 guest and Jewcy editor, Elissa Goldstein, to talk about the genesis (sorry) of the show and where it might go in the future. The whole interview is on Jewcy, but here’s a taste:

Where did the inspiration for OMGWTFBIBLE come from? How long do you think it will take to complete?

I find this question difficult to answer because I can’t really name one source of inspiration. To me, OMGWTFBIBLE is the merging of a few strands I was following at the beginning of 2012. I’d long been fascinated by how few people had read the Bible, let alone in the original Hebrew, and would sometimes drunkenly take a Tanach off my shelf and try to read the story of Tamar and Judah to people. In my stand-up, I started reading very loopy sci-fi stories I wrote when I was 9 and interrupting them with jokes about how silly they were. I had just learned about Mishnah Nazir and thought it was absolutely crazy and, for a week, was considering using the interruption story model for the Talmud: I’d project snippets of the Mishnah for stand-up audiences and translate them live, emphasizing their goofiness.

But then I realized I should go back even further.

– See more at:


I’m honored to have been featured in Tablet Magazine‘s The Scroll blog today! Check it out:

Sure, it’s a comic (and profanity-laced) take on Judaism’s holiest book, and might understandably rub some people the wrong way. But it’s an earnest effort—at the very least for how much time it’s taken Tuchman (he’s rounding out year one and he’s still in Genesis) and how much thought goes into the whole enterprise. No one translates the entire Bible just to make fun of it.

I am seriously blushing. Especially at this: “A large crowd gathered at the East Village bar for the reading, as good a refutation as any to the recent Pew study findings of younger Jews losing interest in organized Judaism.” Oh my! Thank you, Tablet!

Also, if you’re reading this because you just read the article on Tablet, welcome! Might I suggest you catch up on old episodes here? And if you like what you see, consider joining the audience for episode 13 (details below)!

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A New Voice

About a month ago, I had a conversation with Catie Damon of New Voices Magazine about the podcast, my upbringing, the mythologies we create, and a not-very-eloquent post I made here a few months ago. New Voices had some very nice things to say about the show:

Each month on this monthly podcast, a guest reads a chapter of the Bible while New York comedian David Tuchman — a former Yeshiva boy turned agnostic — swears, jibes, and elucidates. His line by line explication drops quirky facts and sarcastic commentary. The result is often offensive, consistently hilarious, and surprisingly enlightening.

So check it out! It’s a nice read and in it, I get into some of the more philosophical stuff behind OMGWTFBIBLE that doesn’t make it to the podcast.

No, “Jewish Atheist” Is Not an Oxymoron

I have been profoundly flattered by all the nice things people have been saying about OMGWTFBIBLE. Recently, Jewish Atheist, a not-very-religious blogger who, like me, comes from an Orthodox Jewish background, had this to say about the show:

This is a pretty awesome.

Reading through the Hebrew Bible.. and making fun all the way through. And done by an OTD Jew, which makes it a bit more relevant for folk like me than other popular bible-mockings. If you’re in NY, you should check out the live show.

I can’t say I disagree. If you’re curious about the live show, check out the details on facebook.

Hello Jewniverse!


Today, OMGWTFBIBLE was featured in The Jewniverse, a daily collection of non-denominational Jewish goings-on. They had some very nice things to say about the show:

Going chapter-by-chapter through the Hebrew Bible, his monthly showOMGWTFBIBLEanalyzes, questions, and dissects the text with a healthy dose of humor, irony, and 21st-century wit.

The atheism that Tuchman declared in the very first show does not impede his fascination with and appreciation for the Biblical texts he learned in his yeshiva youth. The structure of OMGWTFBIBLE is recognizably Jewish, with analysis following straightforward explication, but Tuchman’s goal is to bring the text to modern, secular audiences, rather than inspire exegetical debate. As Tuchman puts it, “I’m kind of taking the Mystery Science 3000 approach to the Bible.”

If the Jewniverse has brought you here, welcome! I hope you enjoy the show! Feel free to let me know what you think in the comments.