Episode 12 Live!

OMGWTFBIBLE LogoHoly crap! Can you believe it’s been a year? OMGWTFBIBLE is about to have its 12th episode! Absolute madness!

This month, guest Elissa Goldstein will begin with chapter 20 and we will keep reading until we stop. And there’ll be a recap! Or you can catch up here.

OMGWTFBIBLE Episode 12 Live
25 Avenue A
October 1, 8PM
FREE! 21+!

Episode 10 Live!

Episode 10 FlyerYes, Episode 10 IS happening this month! It won’t be posted online until August (there will be two podcast episodes in August!) but Episode 10 will be record live on Monday! And I can’t wait! I have something very special planned for before the show and a super-exciting announcement about the future of OMGWTFBIBLE that I can’t wait to share with you all.

This month, guest Ariel Abrahams will start at chapter 13 and we will keep reading until we stop. A lot has happened in the first 12 chapters so I’ll recap a bit before we begin reading. Or you can catch up here.

OMGWTFBIBLE Episode 10 Live
Double Wide Bar and Southern Kitchen
505 E. 12th Street
July 29, 7 PM
FREE! 21+!

See Episode 10 Live!

OMGWTFBIBLE LogoEpisode 10 Live!

OMGWTFBIBLE’s second show at Double Wide!

I’m happy to announce that Episode 10 will be happening on July 29 (a little late this month due to the fast day and all) at Double Wide!

This month, I’ll be joined by Ariel Abrahams, a brilliant artist, who’s been exploring alternative approaches to Judaism on his own.

We’ll start with Chapter 13, and I guarantee you one thing: THERE WILL BE STEW.

Details and links below:


Double Wide Bar

505 E. 12th Street

7:00 PM

Event page here