Skeptic’s Annotated OMGWTFBIBLE

episode_14Surprise early episode!

Usually, I wait until late in the month to do the show, but I have a very exciting guest that I couldn’t pass up. In less than 2 weeks, Steve Wells, creator of the incredible Skeptic’s Annotated Bible, will be joining me at the Magnet Theater to read my Bible with me. And I couldn’t be more excited. There’ll be a Q & A after the show (that won’t be recorded) so don’t miss this event!

This month, we’ll start with chapter 25 and we will keep reading until we stop.

OMGWTFBIBLE Live with Steve Wells 
Magnet Theater
254 W. 29 Street
October 21, 8:30 PM sharp!

Reserve tickets here

A Bible for Skeptics

Have you heard of the Skeptic’s Annotated Bible? You really should check it out. It’s an incredible, mind-blowing project by Steven Wells where he went through the entire Bible (both Testaments), the Book of Mormon, and the Koran, and elucidated¬†every single contradiction, inconsistency, bizarre passage, and inhuman verse he could find. Whether you’re a believer or not, it’s an incredible read and a very thorough reference. It was the basis for that beautiful map of the Bible’s contradictions I posted in August. And if you’re not an Internet person, there’s a beautifully-bound print version available for purchase.

Oh and Steve Wells tweeted about OMGWTFBIBLE, which is super-flattering!