Confirmed: Nicki Minaj Video Director is a Dumbass

Have you seen Nicki Minaj’s ridiculous “Only” lyric video yet?

Apparently, there was some disagreement on the Internet over whether or not this video invokes Nazi imagery. If you’re like me and have seen an Indiana Jones movie, I’m sure you’ll agree immediately that it does. Predictably, folks have been upset about this video. Probably because it invokes the signifiers of a group that murdered millions of people and does so for no conceivable didactic reason.

And, if you’re unsure whether this was intended as a homage to Nazism or just “general fascism,” as some have suggested, Jeffrey Osborne, the video’s director, said this: Continue reading

No Wives, Only Slaves: Crosspost With SAB

This is a guest post I wrote for Skeptic’s Annotated Bible. Read the full post here.

OMGWTFBIBLE is a new translation of the entire Hebrew Bible as a comedy. But that doesn’t mean I don’t take my translation very seriously. Beyond all the jokes, in retranslating Genesis, I’ve discovered two trends that reveal the approach to women and property taken in the culture surrounding the text that are not apparent in existing translations.

One of the earliest decisions I made when writing the OMGWTFBIBLE was to maintain an almost megalomaniacal consistency. If a word was translated a particular way, I stuck with that translating, regardless of context or traditional approaches. This led to some striking discoveries in Genesis, particularly regarding the words usually translated as “wife” and “servant.” I discovered that, depending on how the book is translated, nobody gets married in Genesis. And everyone owns slaves. And it’s not a coincidence those two words are so controversial.

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