No Wives, Only Slaves: Crosspost With SAB

This is a guest post I wrote for Skeptic’s Annotated Bible. Read the full post here.

OMGWTFBIBLE is a new translation of the entire Hebrew Bible as a comedy. But that doesn’t mean I don’t take my translation very seriously. Beyond all the jokes, in retranslating Genesis, I’ve discovered two trends that reveal the approach to women and property taken in the culture surrounding the text that are not apparent in existing translations.

One of the earliest decisions I made when writing the OMGWTFBIBLE was to maintain an almost megalomaniacal consistency. If a word was translated a particular way, I stuck with that translating, regardless of context or traditional approaches. This led to some striking discoveries in Genesis, particularly regarding the words usually translated as “wife” and “servant.” I discovered that, depending on how the book is translated, nobody gets married in Genesis. And everyone owns slaves. And it’s not a coincidence those two words are so controversial.

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I Can Now Share This Noah Trailer

A few weeks ago, you might recall seeing a post go up on my blog about Darren Aronofsky’s new Noah movie and quickly disappearing. That is because I got a cease and desist about the pirated trailer from the movie studio and didn’t feel like making a fuss. Which is crazy because I’m pretty sure the Bible is public domain.

Whatever. An official trailer has finally been released, and here it is!

Obviously, I will see this. Obviously. The only burning question I have: will Aronofsky go into Noah’s drunken stupor and possible rape at the hands of his son I talked about in episode 4? I hope so!