Pillar of Salt

Courtesy AmazingSuperPowers

Today’s comic at AmazingSuperPowers is made of all the best stuff. And some salt, I guess.

Their blog is pretty rad too. And sounds almost like a blurb for OMGWTFBIBLE:

The Bible is full of all types of crazy stuff! Did you know there’s a whole story about a dude who built a boat and he put EVERY ANIMAL into it because God felt like drowning everyone? And there’s another story about a dude who walked on water before turning his friend into a zombie? And in one section, it casually describes the END of the WORLD?

<h/t: John Passaro of Surge>


Behold! Chapter 7 of OMGWTFBIBLE with Lonnie Mann is now available!!

In which all sorts of sexy things (and one very unsexy one) happen

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