My Bible Won’t Have Obama in It

I know, I know. I still have to watch this somehow unstreamable show and live-tweet it. THIS WILL HAPPEN.

(Courtesy CBS)

Anyway, some folks are freaking out because in the most recent episode of The History Channel’s The Bible, the character of Satan sorta kinda looked a lot like President Barack Obama. Whoops! I guarantee, my Bible will not feature any presidents, past or present.

Oh Yes, I Will Be Live-Tweeting This

I must apologize. This, which looks like a total mess, aired last night and I said nothing about it. I have failed somewhat in my duty to you as a funny Bible man.

Instead, I watched “Bob’s Burgers.” Because Jon Hamm was guest-voicing as a talking toilet. How could I not.

Anyway, at some point, I will do a time-shifted live-tweet this thing. Watch this space for date and time!