Behold! Episode 15 of OMGWTFBIBLE with guest Chris Hastings is now available!!

Check out Chris Hastings’ comic work at his personal website.

This episode was recorded at Beauty Bar. Wow!

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Episode 15 Happened!

I have no pictures to show, but I can assure you that Episode 15 happened last night, was recorded successfully, and will be ready for the Internet first thing Monday morning. Chris Hastings was a wonderful guest and I hope to have him back sometime in the future. The conversation after the show focused on the wide berth between what’s actually included in the text and the tradition of additional stories that has persisted over the centuries. Very interesting stuff! If you want to be part of a future post-show conversation, just show up at a live recording!

Episode 15 Live!

omgnov25OMGWTFBIBLE is happening live again this Monday!

This month, guest Chris Hastings will start with chapter 27 and we will keep reading until we stop.

OMGWTFBIBLE Episode 15 Live
Beauty Bar
231 E. 14th Street
November 25, 9PM