Hello Jewniverse!


Today, OMGWTFBIBLE was featured in The Jewniverse, a daily collection of non-denominational Jewish goings-on. They had some very nice things to say about the show:

Going chapter-by-chapter through the Hebrew Bible, his monthly showOMGWTFBIBLEanalyzes, questions, and dissects the text with a healthy dose of humor, irony, and 21st-century wit.

The atheism that Tuchman declared in the very first show does not impede his fascination with and appreciation for the Biblical texts he learned in his yeshiva youth. The structure of OMGWTFBIBLE is recognizably Jewish, with analysis following straightforward explication, but Tuchman’s goal is to bring the text to modern, secular audiences, rather than inspire exegetical debate. As Tuchman puts it, “I’m kind of taking the Mystery Science 3000 approach to the Bible.”

If the Jewniverse has brought you here, welcome! I hope you enjoy the show! Feel free to let me know what you think in the comments.

Shit God Says

If you follow OMGWTFBIBLE on twitter, you may have noticed us playing around with the #shitgodsays hashtag. Check out some of the funnier tweets below. And join in if you’ve got a good line. You just might get retweeted!
  1. “Beyonce didn’t lipsync the national anthem. I sang the national anthem through Beyonce.” #shitgodsays #beyonce #anthemgate
  2. “Tina D. of Roanoke, VA: that guy you slept with last night isn’t gonna call you back. Sorry. :(” #shitgodsays
  3. “Nothing gets me more annoyed than people praying for things they don’t deserve. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.” #shitgodsays
  4. “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife. Unless she’s really hot. In that case, covet away.” #shitgodsays
  5. “I’m a lot like Te’o’s girlfriend. I only exist in your imagination.” #shitgodsays