Shit God Says

If you follow OMGWTFBIBLE on twitter, you may have noticed us playing around with the #shitgodsays hashtag. Check out some of the funnier tweets below. And join in if you’ve got a good line. You just might get retweeted!
  1. “Beyonce didn’t lipsync the national anthem. I sang the national anthem through Beyonce.” #shitgodsays #beyonce #anthemgate
  2. “Tina D. of Roanoke, VA: that guy you slept with last night isn’t gonna call you back. Sorry. :(” #shitgodsays
  3. “Nothing gets me more annoyed than people praying for things they don’t deserve. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.” #shitgodsays
  4. “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife. Unless she’s really hot. In that case, covet away.” #shitgodsays
  5. “I’m a lot like Te’o’s girlfriend. I only exist in your imagination.” #shitgodsays

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