Tom Delays Hates Creativity

Hey, you! You know, that novel you’ve been working on for years? That beautiful work of art you threw your blood, sweat, and tears into? That business you built with your BARE HANDS?

Well, you didn’t make that. Oh no, God did. At least, I think that’s what Tom Delay is trying to say here when he says “God created this nation. He wrote the Constitution.” I mean, there’s no way Former House Majority Leader Tom Delay (R-Texas)¬†literally believes God wrote the Articles of Confederation, realized what a crap job he’d done, and then wrote the Constitution, right? I mean, Tom Delay knows about Thomas Jefferson and George Washington and John Adams and Ben Franklin and all those people, right? He’s gotta just be saying that God’s actions occurred¬†through those people. Otherwise, uh oh.

And even if he is saying, he’s implying that literally nothing of worth, that touches people, comes from people. It comes from God. So, I guess God wrote this blog post.

I’m sure folks will be very quick to claim that this quote is taken out of context. That Delay doesn’t mean God actually wrote the Constitution. That he followed up his crazy talk with “[The Constitution] is based on Biblical principles.” Y’know, like the Biblical principle that slaves only count as 3/5 of a normal person. And the Biblical principle of spending a really long time describing detailed minutiae of things not necessarily relevant to people outside the group it was written for. And the Biblical principle of freedom of religion–wait, I’m confused now.

<h/t: Huffington Post, Right Wing Watch>

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