Tofu Turns You Gay, According to Yeshiva

This Rabbi definitely doesn’t eat Tofu. No sirree.

Taking a page from the Ron Swanson Book of Culinary Arts, Gur hasids in Brooklyn have banned soy products from their yeshiva over fears it might make younger students too hot and sexy and lady-like, turning on older students and Rabbis. Seriously. According to

Gur has now banned soy products like veggie hot dogs from its yeshivas due rabbis’ fears that the hormones in soy foods will cause the bodies of young teen students to become feminine in appearance and thereby cause their rabbis and older students to become sexually aroused seeing them.

Eating extremely large amounts of soy products on a daily basis over a very prolonged period of time can in some cases cause men to begin to develop breasts. But the amount of soy needed to be consumed for that to happen is well beyond the amount an average person would ever consume, and even then the reaction is rare.


UPDATE: This is BS, probably!

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