Oh, look, it’s Episode 34!

Leviticus is a very shocking book, full of all sorts of terrifying rules that we don’t care about anymore. Even more shocking is how pretty much the first third of it is basically a cook book. So who better to read David Tuchman’s new translation from Hebrew than culinary historian Michael Twitty? NOBODY, that’s who. Listen now to the Season 3 premiere of OMGWTFBIBLE!

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Season 3 Starts in DC – 11/16

I always knew I’d end up in front of a microphone in our nation’s capital, but I expected I’d be testifying in front of Congress for crimes against Bible-manity, not launching Season 3 with writer Michael Twitty! But that’s exactly what’s happening! And soon!

“Sometimes a building is just a building.” – Ziggy Freud

It’s all happening in partnership with EntryPointDC, which is supercool. And on November 16. Check out the facebook event here and details below! You have no idea how crazy Leviticus is going to get. It’s going to get so crazy.

SEASON 3 PREMIERE with Michael Twitty
Science Club
1136 19th Street NW
7:30 PM
Happy hour specials will happen!