Learn a Language with Fluent City and Read the Skeptic’s Annotated Bible


Partner #1: Fluent City

Fluent City offers outstanding adult language classes in major cities throughout the United States and wants to help you learn a new language (and maybe even translate the Bible yourself). And to help, they’re offering a chance at winning a FREE $200 Gift Certificate for language classes to anyone who donates to the OMGWTFBIBLE Indiegogo campaign in its last 30 days. Just go here, donate RIGHT NOW at ANY LEVEL, and you’ll be entered to win.

But that’s not all. Fluent City is also a special discount just for OMGWTFBIBLE listeners. Visit www.fluentcity.com and pick a Hebrew, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese or Russian class. During checkout, use OMGWTFBIBLE as the promo code for 15% off your group class. Don’t miss out  – code expires August 25, 2014!

Partner #2: Skeptic’s Annotated Bible

Until the print version of OMGWTFBIBLE comes out at some hazy date in the future (and even when it does), the best place in the world to find all the wacky and weird stuff in the Bible is in the pages of the Skeptic’s Annotated Bible by Steve Wells. That’s why OMGWTFBIBLE has teamed up with SAB Books to offer a signed copy of the Skeptic’s Annotated Bible at the $54 perk level. But hurry! There are only 16 of this perk available, so don’t wait to grab it here.

When Was the World Created?

Screen shot 2013-09-16 at 6.41.20 PM

Time is hard. It’s really easy to say something like “Earth is 4.5 billion years old” or “language has been around for more than 50,000 years” but comprehending what that means take a serious cognitive leap. wait but why posted these lovely timelines that fill one with an unrelenting sense of awe at how minuscule our lives really are.

This timeline is pretty relevant for OMGWTFBIBLE. See that little pink bit on the right that’s labeled “recorded history?” Supposedly, the Bible began and was written around the beginning of that period (though historians will tell you it was compiled and canonized much later). But as you can see, there’s a whole lot more to time than that. And a lot of stuff going on before the world was created. Language! Civilization! Walking!

For Fuck’s Sake

For some reason, when I first started telling people about this show, I was surprised when they took offense at its name.

“Isn’t that a little disrespectful?” they usually ask, referring to my use of an f-bomb in such close proximity to “Bible.” “Don’t you think you’ll offend people with that?”

If I’m feeling flippant, I’ll tell them that if they’re offended by the name, OMGWTFBIBLE is not for them. The “fuck” in the title is a built-in mechanism for weeding out those who might not be so into this show.

Usually, that’s enough for people, and I’ll go find someone else on the subway car to give a sticker. And, while that reason is true, there’s a deeper thought behind this show’s name that deserves longer elucidation here. Continue reading