Episode 41!

It’s here! At long last, it’s here! The final episode of Book 3 of David Tuchman’s brand-new translation of the Hebrew Bible as a comedy. LEVITICUS IS DONE, MAN! The guest this time around is BJ Kramer, a very cool guy who turns God’s never-ending admonition of the Hebrews and surprisingly detailed rules about slaves into very compelling audio. Listen now!

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Episode 41 Live!


What am I doing? Have I seriously not posted since June? What a crazy thing to do!

Despite the quiet here, this show is very much alive. I just don’t know how to blog, is all. Because, like, this is a podcast, not a blog. I’m still very chatty on Facebook and Twitter so if you like this show and wanna keep up, go to those places!

Also: this show was on a list of readers’ top ten favorite podcast at Moment Magazine. Cool! Thank you so much, passionate anonymous people who shared their love of OMGWTFBIBLE with Moment.

Also also: the Two Bossy Dames e-mail list said some things about OMGWTFBIBLE that are so nice my heart is filled with sparkles. Thank you for the kind words, Sophie. I’m glad this little podcast can bring you so much joy and I hope your readers enjoy what they find here.

ANYWAY! There’s finally a live show again. We’re shutting Leviticus down with a big fat superlong finale episode with BJ Kramer, a great and wonderful man. What comes next? You’ll see at the show! I won’t give away much yet, but rest assured that Season 4 will be on a much tighter schedule than Leviticus has been. SHOW DETAILS BELOW!

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September 22, 8:00 PM
Suggested Donation: $9
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