Episode 29.1 is Out Now!

OMGWTFBIBLE with David Tuchman has hit Philadelphia! On February 25th, David was joined by Temple professor Mark Leuchter at Raven Lounge in Philly to read “Terumah,” the seventh portion in Exodus next to a stripper pole. Among other things, they discussed Professor Leuchter’s love of guitars, his approach to the Bible, and why in the world God spent so much time on building directions.

That’s right, building directions. In episode 29.1, with all those pesky laws out of the way, God spends a great deal of time describing some stuff he wants made. Is it interesting? Are there any questions that can be asked about this? Why is it in the Bible in the first place? Listen and find out. Maybe.

There are so many ways to listen to Episode 29.1!

You can listen using the SoundCloud thingie above or by downloading here. Explore our SoundCloud and listen to past episodes here.

You can also: subscribe in iTunes, subscribe via RSS, or listen via Stitcher!

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