Zach Braff Plugs YU For Some Reason

Have you seen this? It is a video of Zach Braff doing an ad for YU. It is very odd. How did this happen? Why is this here? Is there a God or the universe as random and capricious as we thought it was?

Not satisfied with “because Internet,” Tablet did some digging:

Yeshiva University hasn’t taken credit for it, but it looks like they or one of their supporters contributed $500 to the Kickstarter campaign for Braff’s upcoming movie. The prize offered by the actor for such a generous donation? “I’ll say or do pretty much whatever you want for twenty seconds. I will send you the mpeg file so you can upload to YouTube, play at parties, or send to friends. I will be your dancing monkey.” Or in this case, mascot.


Looking at the amount of time since my last post is seriously embarrassing. But real life got in the way.

Nevermind that, I made a YouTube channel! Now, each new episode of OMGWTFBIBLE will be posted on YouTube as an audio-only thingie so you can share it everywhere as easily as possible. And I can embed them here, like I did just now. Wowzers!

Also, here’s a playlist of ALL THE EPISODES!