Just the Bible Bits

Did you find out about OMGWTFBIBLE somewhere around episode 10 and listening to the whole thing seems a bit daunting? Wish you could catch up without listening to all 12 episodes? Now you can!

Introducing: Just the Bible Bits!

These king-sized episodes feature just the Bible readings from the first year of the show. Just the Bible Bits Part 1 is now available here and in the iTunes store. The first section contains chapter 1-6 and is just over 90 minutes. Part 2 will probably be around that long too.

Also, if you’ve been listening from the start and haven’t been able to cajole your friends/Rabbis/great-grandparents into giving this thing a shot, Just the Bible Bits is the perfect way for them to start. It’s chock-full of Bible goodness and total insanity!

Is Your Jewdar Working?

In this interview in the Forward, those Hasidic guys who bug people on the streets of New York asking if they’re Jewish explain how they know who’s Jewish and who’s not:

First, said Yisroel, “we call it ‘racial profiling.’ Who looks Jewish?” (When asked to clarify later, Yisroel says it’s not about the nose — a “broad, clear forehead with no creases” indicates a non-Jew, while Jews’ foreheads are sometimes lined.) Next is detecting a subtle vibe of recognition, a process that Levi calls “bageling.” Third is playing the statistics game. One out of every five people in New York City are Jewish, said Yisroel. If you exclude African Americans and Asians, your odds are closer to one in three.

I’m not sure what “bageling” is, but I claim to have a very highly-attuned Jewdar. Mostly, if a girl is wearing long sleeves under a short sleeve shirt in the summer, or a group of non-athletic guys is wearing baseball caps, they’re probably Jewish. Or, if a guy looks anything like me, he’s probably Jewish.