Just the Bible Bits

Did you find out about OMGWTFBIBLE somewhere around episode 10 and listening to the whole thing seems a bit daunting? Wish you could catch up without listening to all 12 episodes? Now you can!

Introducing: Just the Bible Bits!

These king-sized episodes feature just the Bible readings from the first year of the show. Just the Bible Bits Part 1 is now available here and in the iTunes store. The first section contains chapter 1-6 and is just over 90 minutes. Part 2 will probably be around that long too.

Also, if you’ve been listening from the start and haven’t been able to cajole your friends/Rabbis/great-grandparents into giving this thing a shot, Just the Bible Bits is the perfect way for them to start. It’s chock-full of Bible goodness and total insanity!

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