New York Not So Into the Bible

The American Bible Society┬áhas put together a list of the most and least “Bible-Minded” cities in the country. Topping the list is Chattanooga, Tennessee. The study also found that the Bible isn’t so well-loved in bigger cities. Only three of the top 25 Bible-loving areas encompassed more than a million households.

What about New York, where OMGWTFBIBLE happens? That’s all the way down at 89, only slightly more into the Bible than hedonistic Las Vegas. But you wouldn’t know it from seeing OMGWTFBIBLE live!

<h/t: Andrew Sullivan>

No Time Like the Present

I am happy to announce that I (along with this show) have been selected as one of PresenTense NYC’s 2014 Fellows!

What is PresenTense, you ask? Good question! PresenTense is an intensive series of workshops designed to give the tools and resources required to make big things happen to people doing cool things in the Jewish community. So, expect big things from the other 2014 Fellows and some very exciting expansion to OMGWTFBIBLE this year!