Behold! Episode 18 of OMGWTFBIBLE with Ari MandelĀ is now available!!

This episode was recorded at A Gathering of the Tribes.

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What did you think of this month’s episode? What are your thoughts on Onanism? Did you have a weird experience with Rabbis and masturbation (hopefully not at the same time!)? Have anything you’d like to add on the whole Potiphar story? Let me know in the comments!

Episode 18 Live!

omgfeb20-1OMGWTFBIBLE is live on February 20!

This month, Ari Mandel (aka Rachmuna Litzlon) will join me as we read about Yehudah’s sexual misadventures in Timna and Yoseph’s sexual misadventures in Egypt.

OMGWTFBIBLE Episode 18 Live
A Gathering of the Tribes
285 E. 3rd Street, 2nd Floor
February 20, 8PM
$PAY if you want to