Meet the Guest: Leah Vincent

Every month, OMGWTFBIBLE snags some pretty great guests. But there’s never enough time in the podcast to discuss everything our guests our up to. Our Meet The Guest series puts the spotlight on each month’s guest.


Episode 20: Leah Vincent

All it took was a sweater. 16 years old, Leah Vincent was living in a seminary in Israel, clinging to the hope that she could prove herself observant enough to find a place in her ultra-Orthodox Jewish family’s community. When word reached her mother in Pittsburgh that, on a whim, she’d bought a sweater too tight for her family’s incredibly modest dress code, her dream unraveled. Furious that, on top of committing the sin of writing letters to boys back in the states, Leah had publicly flaunted the strict Yeshivish codes of modesty, her mother cut her off. Continue reading