Episode 30 Live!



That is crazy! For this episode, in which God talks about clothes forever, I’ll be joined by funny person Catie Lazarus, who has a Biblical name and interviews people like Jon Stewart and Arianna Huffington on her show “Employee of the Month.” We will read the Bible and laugh about how silly it is!

Be sure to wear your favorite Biblical fashions, because I’ll be giving an award to the best-dressed high priest! Check out the Facebook event here!

OMGWTFBIBLE Live / Catie Lazarus
Beauty Bar
231 E. 14th Street
March 23, 7:30 PM

Your Weekend Guide to Jews in the Wild

Shamelessly taken from Gothamist

If you intend to be out and about in New York City this weekend, you MAY run into some of what many people called “Hasidic Jews.” You’ll recognize these creatures by their ubiquitous black hats, beards, and forelocks. When you see them, you may freeze, unaware how to act among these strange individuals. Never fear! Gothamist has you covered:

[The] Jews have also survived under such difficult circumstances by getting along well with their neighbors, treating them fairly in business, and establishing mutually rewarding personal relationships. Sure, it may take more time for you to make your first Orthodox pal, but if Shmuley Boteach and Cory Booker can be best friends, you can probably get to at least a first name basis with your local Kosher butcher. Try starting with a friendly “Hello! How is the chicken liver today?”

No, but seriously, read the link. It’s actually a pretty thoughtful dive into the history of Orthodox Jews in New York.

Also, be sure to tell them about my podcast.

See Episode 10 Live!

OMGWTFBIBLE LogoEpisode 10 Live!

OMGWTFBIBLE’s second show at Double Wide!

I’m happy to announce that Episode 10 will be happening on July 29 (a little late this month due to the fast day and all) at Double Wide!

This month, I’ll be joined by Ariel Abrahams, a brilliant artist, who’s been exploring alternative approaches to Judaism on his own.

We’ll start with Chapter 13, and I guarantee you one thing: THERE WILL BE STEW.

Details and links below:


Double Wide Bar

505 E. 12th Street

7:00 PM

Event page here

See Episode 9 Live!


Episode 9 Live!

New venue! New time! New David!

Episode 9 is almost here and it’s happening on my birthday! Come be a part of OMGWTFBIBLE’s live audience as we record our next episode!

Episode 9

Double Wide Bar

505 E. 12th Street

6:30 PM


And afterward, help me celebrate my 28th birthday! RSVP here!