Episode 21

Behold! Episode 21 of OMGWTFBIBLE with Michael Malice is now available!

This episode was recorded at Beauty Bar.

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Meet the Guest: Michael Malice

Every month, OMGWTFBIBLE snags some pretty great guests. But there’s never enough time in the podcast to discuss everything our guests our up to. Our Meet The Guest series puts the spotlight on each month’s guest.


Episode 21: Michael Malice

Michael Malice does not keep things to himself. As the subject of Harvey Pekar’s Ego & Hubris: The Michael Malice Story, he does not pull any punches about his family or his politics. As a co-founder of “Overheard in New York,” he shared snippets of conversation that would’ve otherwise disappeared with the world. He took on the persona of Kim Jong Il to write Dear Reader: The Unauthorized Autobiography of Kim Jong Il. And now he’s going to talk about the Bible.
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