Jews Censor the Bible

A censored version of the book of Genesis.

I think the Hasidim are starting to catch on to how crazy the Torah is. According to FailedMessiah, the Skvere community of Hasidim in New Square, New York has created a somewhat pared-down version of the Five Books of Moses to use at their Bais Tziporah girls school.

This version has removed some of the more racy stuff from the story. Y’know, like the dual narratives of the creation of the world, the story of Eden, all that Cain and Abel stuff, and the flood. FailedMessiah suggests that it’s because these stories are about *GASP* people who aren’t “Jewish.”

Also kept out are the stories of Yehudah, Tamar, Er, and Onan (Episode 18) and of Yoseph and Potiphar’s woman (also Episode 18!). Shockingly, the story of Dinah is left in (Episode 16), presumably to warn young Jewish women of the dangers of loving uncircumcised men.

If you can read Hebrew, you can tell what’s missing here (the whole Potiphar thing).

People sometimes tell me my podcast is inappropriate. It’s not my show that’s inappropriate, it’s the Bible.

<h/t: Motti Schleider>

3 thoughts on “Jews Censor the Bible

  1. What about boiling babies in 2 Kings 6:28-29. Please don’t say they took that out. It’s a favorite bedtime story for the whole family. When Uncle Fester reads it, he stirs a cauldron right in the fireplace.

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