When’s the Next Episode Going Up?

I’m glad you asked! Especially since I just recorded a new episode but nothing was posted in all of April.

First of all, to answer your question, Episode 20 with Leah Vincent will go live on Jewcy.com a week from today, on May 8. It’ll show up in iTunes the next morning.

There’s more about the new podcast schedule under the fold.

In the past, without a permanent location, podcast recordings have been happening whenever I could find a venue. Now, with Beauty Bar providing OMGWTFBIBLE a permanent home, live shows will happen regularly on the 4th Monday of each month. This is great news, at least for me. I can finally book a vacation! And if you’re planning on coming to a future show, you can e-mail me at omgwtfbible@gmail.com and I can let you know all of our dates through the end of 2014.

Also, I’ve agreed with Jewcy.com to release new episodes on Thursdays. I will attempt to do my best to get episodes ready to go the week they’re recorded, but that won’t always be possible. I had hoped to get Episode 20 up tomorrow but New York was hit by an insane rainstorm last night and John and I had to cancel our editing session to avoid damaging any of our equipment in transport. So the episode will go up next week.

In general, assume all episodes will go live the week after they’re recorded. I’ll aim for that too. If I’m able to, I’ll get them up early, and we can all be happy and have an early episode party.

Thanks for listening, people!

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