Childhood Science Hero to Debate Creationist Dude

TOPIC: “Is creation a viable model of origins?”

TIME AND PLACE: Kentucky Creation Museum, February 4

DEBATERS: Bill “The Science Guy” Nye VS. Ken “Can I Have Some More” Ham


Bill Nye posted this video 2 years ago (that’s 2012! 2012 is 2 years ago now!), arguing that teaching creation to children probably isn’t the best way to produce new, well-informed scientists.

Ken Ham responded with this video, in which he asks questions even I can answer like “What does engineering have to do with engineering?” (their use of the scientific method as a process for divining the best truth we can find). During the debate, he claims he’ll “show Mr. Nye and our debate audience that observational science confirms the scientific accuracy of the Genesis account of origins, not evolution.” Good luck with that!

Anyway. I hope this streams!

<h/t: Dangerous Minds>

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