This Happened!



It did, for real! On Monday night! And it was incredible! Unfortunately, Steve Wells wasn’t feeling well and couldn’t make it, so his son Philip very ably stepped in. Phil is the operator of SAB Books, which published the Skeptic’s Annotated Bible, and has been touring the country with his father for the past two weeks. We had a very interesting conversation about growing up atheist and the nature of God. Then we read some Bible.

Thanks to all who made it out on Monday. I saw a lot of new faces–it was great to meet you all.  I’m really happy with the way the Q & A sessions are working out. There was some interesting conversation that was provoked. If you want to hear what goes on during the Q & A, be sure to come to the next live show. The Q & As are not recorded are a much more free-wheeling discussion than what you hear on the show.

Episode 14 hits the Internet Monday! Watch this space!

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